Katherine "Kaylea" Nelson

(203) 436-9546

Yale Center for Research Computing, Yale University
160 St Ronan Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Current Position


Diploma, 2004
  • Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts
  • Research Interests

    Dynamical state of galaxy clusters, large-scale structure, cosmological simulations, hydrodynamic simulations, Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect, high-energy astrophysics, X-ray observations, galaxy formation and evolution, gravitational lensing, data analysis and interpretation


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    First or Second Author Publications

    1. On the Origin of Bias and Scatter in the Sunyaev-Zeldovich Scaling Relations
      Yu, L., Nelson, K., Nagai, D., Lau, E., submitted to ApJ (arXiv: 1501.00317).
    2. Hydrodynamic Simulation of Non-thermal Pressure Profiles of Galaxy Clusters
      Nelson, K., Lau, E., Nagai, D., 2014, ApJ, 792, 1.
    3. Weighing Galaxy Clusters with Gas. II. On the Origin of Hydrostatic Mass Bias in ΛCDM Galaxy Clusters
      Nelson, K., Lau, E., Nagai, D., Rudd, D., Yu, L., 2014, ApJ, 782, 2.
    4. Evolution of the Merger-induced Hydrostatic Mass Bias in Galaxy Clusters
      Nelson, K., Rudd, D. H., Shaw, L., Nagai, D., 2012, ApJ, 751, 2.

    Contributing Author Publications

    1. On the Self-Similarity of Gas Profiles in the Outskirts of Galaxy Clusters
      Lau, E. T., Nagai, D., Avestruz, C., Nelson, K., Vikhlinin, A., submitted to ApJ (arXiv:1411.5361).
    2. Non-Equilibrium Electrons in the Outskirts of Galaxy Clusters
      Avestruz, C., Nagai, D., Lau, E. T., Nelson, K., 2014, submitted to ApJ (arXiv:1410.8142).
    3. Analytical Model for Non-thermal Pressure in Galaxy Clusters II: Comparison with Cosmological Hydrodynamics Simulation
      Shi, X., Komatsu, E., Nelson, K., Nagai, D., 2014, submitted to MNRAS (arXiv:1408.3832).
    4. Temperature Structure of the Intra-Cluster Medium from SPH and AMR Simulations
      Rasia, E., Lau, E., Borgani, S., Nagai, D., Dolag, K., Avestruz, C., Granato, G., Mazzotta, P., Murante, G., Nelson, K., Ragone-Figueroa, C., 2014, ApJ, 791, 96.
    5. The Relation Between Gas Density and Velocity Power Spectra in Galaxy Clusters: Qualitative Treatment and Cosmological Simulations
      Zhuravleva, I., Churazov, E., Schekochihin, A., Lau, E., Nagai, D., Gaspari, M., Allen, S., Nelson, K., Parrish, I., 2014, ApJ Letters, 788, 1.
    6. Predicting Merger-Induced Gas Motions in Galaxy Clusters in the ΛCDM model
      Nagai, D., Lau, E., Avestruz, C., Nelson, K., Rudd, D., 2013, ApJ, 777, 137.
    7. Weighing Galaxy Clusters with Gas. I. On the Methods of Computing Hydrostatic Mass Bias
      Lau, E., Nagai, D., Nelson, K., 2013, ApJ, 777, 151.
    8. Sunyaev-Zeldovich Signal Processing and Temperature-Velocity Moment Method for Individual Clusters
      Chluba, J., Switzer, E., Nelson, K., Nagai, D., 2013, MNRAS, 430, 4.
    9. A Fast and Accurate Method for Computing the Sunyaev-Zeldovich Signal of Hot Galaxy Clusters
      Chluba, J., Nagai, D., Sazonov, S., Nelson, K., 2012, MNRAS, 426, 1.

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    Research Experience

    September 2008 – May 2009

    Senior Scholars Program, Waterville, Maine
    Senior Scholar
    Participated in Colby College Senior Scholars Program, in which half of the participating senior’s course load is devoted a major research project. The first part of this project comprised of independent study of star formation theory, for both high and low mass stars. In addition, the project consisted of extensive modeling of an HMPO using the Whitney Monte Carlo radiative transfer modeling code. The project culminated in a thesis containing the research and an explanation of the theory and modeling directed at a sophomore level reader preparing to do similar research. An hour-long lecture was also required for completion of the program.

    Summer 2008

    Smithsonian Astronomical Observatory, Cambridge, Massachusetts
    REU Intern, Dr. Ewan O’Sullivan
    Researching as intern for 10-weeks during the summer. The project was the construction of a statistically complete catalog of 26 normal elliptical galaxies. Main responsibilities included data reduction and data analysis for 5 of the systems as well as researching published data for the rest of the catalog. Internship culminated in a 13-page Astrophysical Journal style research paper and at a15-minute presentation at an end of the summer colloquium. The results were also presented as a poster at the January 2009 AAS Meeting.

    September 2007 – May 2008

    Colby College Physics Department, Waterville, Maine
    Research Assistant, Professor Murray Campbell
    Studied mid-infrared photometry and built models using IDL to describe the gas and dust surrounding high mass protostellar candidates using the Whitney Monte Carlo radiative transfer modeling code.

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